What Is Soul Coaching/Mindful Awareness?

As many of us know, coaching, in general, is a training & developmental process in which a person is guided and supported on a journey to achieve a personal goal. Clients may pursue health and balance by engaging in a guided mindful practice, or soul coaching session. The focus is specifically on helping an individual become more consciously aware of themselves in body, mind and spirit. We hold all our own answers within our spirit awareness, but as we begin a soul journey on the planet, we often forget and lose this awareness along the way.  As we begin to manage our energy, we grow in conscious awareness of ourselves.  Our own truth begins to shine forth.

Mindfulness/Soul Coaching sessions are available for people interested in learning how to use their own awareness to manage energy and thought patterns.  They are designed to educate and guide the client.  Information may be obtained through dialogue or by the practitioner “reading” the client’s energy field.  Through dialogue and guided meditation, the practitioner facilitates grounding and energy management, allowing more space and validation for the awakening soul. Clients are introduced to what has been called a “spiritual tool kit.”


Spiritual Tool Kit:

  • Learn to be more centered in your body awareness in space and time.
  • Learn grounding techniques to feel more present, secure, safe and clear within the body.
  • Learn to manage energy flow and know why  “running your energy” on a daily basis is beneficial for greater knowing.
  • Learn to release thought patterns and pictures that can limit awareness, joy and health.
  • Engage in creative visualization and meditation tools to replenish your energetic space and bring about wholeness and presence of mind.
  • Gain certainty in your knowing, allowing you to engage in the world with increased joy, neutrality and amusement.


Mindfulness/Soul Coaching sessions are scheduled for one hour and include guided meditation and coaching/education.  Clients may benefit from one session or may discover a series of sessions to be more beneficial.

One Hour Session…..  $65 (plus tax)


Location for Mindfulness/Coaching Session:

Everspring Health Cooperative
2201 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Our mission at Everspring Health is quality of life. We are dedicated to creating an environment where lifestyle, health an healing services can be provided in an intuitive and compassionate manner. Please visit Everspring Health’s web site to learn more about us!

Appointments may be made through Everspring Health or by contacting Amy via the contact form.



We are forever learning and growing in our awareness and creative expression.  This is part of our journey here on Earth.  I am delighted to offer guidance and feedback so that you may find the path that most sparkles for you.

-Amy Laederach