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Lunar New Year

A crescent moon, an Earth Goddess and a White Hawk. These symbols are sure to have specific meaning to the family that now owns this painting, but with the celebration of the Lunar New Year, I found myself drawn to share this piece. The Lunar New Year falls between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is a time to celebrate new beginnings. The seeds of purpose that have been buried in our subconscious mind can begin to emerge. The stage is prepared for new life, renewal and awakening. In the painting you will find a waxing crescent moon shining down upon the earth below. Looking into symbolism of the waxing crescent moon, you may discover new growth and creativity. The moon reminds us of cycles and transitions. The moon is connected to our emotions, receptivity and intuition. Like the moon illuminating upon reflection of the sun, we may reflect […]

Gallery of the Past & Incompletions

Today I share and express creations from my past, and in this process, have the opportunity to release my hold on the unfinished, the imperfect.  I carry “perfectionist” traits within my personality.  This has not served me well.  There’s always a feeling that the dance movement isn’t right, the painting isn’t good enough. I should be more spiritually conscious, meditate more, do more yoga. The list is endless if I allowed it to be. This perfectionist trait is a form of competition, not with others, but within myself.  It is a stifling energy. Why should I be so hard on myself? And so, as an exercise in letting go, I am sharing my old art work.  I’m not going to wait until I achieve the standard I hold for myself.  Goodbye to the “perfectionist” within.  As I open the doors to share and express the old and “unfinished,”  I make […]

New Beginnings

Welcome to Delightful Healing Arts!  A flower’s beauty yet to be expressed.  A hummingbird ready to take flight.  Similarly, my blog potential awaits.  I’m planting the seed for expression while under construction!