Grounding: A Foundational Tool for Life’s Experiences

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It’s a fast paced world, these days.  Often it may seem there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish tasks at hand.  We are faced with daily distractions, an influx of information to dissect, an array of people with varying beliefs, ideas and propaganda.  People experience unease, fear and anxiety. Some feel discomfort in their own body, among crowds, or in the whole of society as they see it.  Yet, others may have difficulty managing anger, excitement or experiences from the past or projected future.  How can one find ample space to BE, to discover, express and live by their own Truths in joy and peace?

Luckily for us, a plethora of tools exist to assist us in life, the most foundational being that of Grounding. With mindful awareness focused on Grounding, we begin to experience more clarity, peace, joy, and security.  If you don’t already have Grounding as one of your tools, it’s time to add it to your Mindfulness/Spiritual Tool Kit.

If you were to use only one tool from your tool kit of awareness, Grounding would be the one!  You can use it when flying in an airplane to allow for smoother, peaceful flights.  Ground for greater mental clarity as you prepare for taxes and exams.  You can use it to recognize your truth before answering a request from others.  Ground yourself and you may enjoy the Ferris Wheel ride. Perhaps while practicing an awareness of Grounding, you will no longer stub your toe or accidentally run a red light.

With greater awareness in Grounding, we become more present in the moment and within our bodies. The practice of Grounding helps us feel safe, allows for clarity of mind, and assists us in defining our space as spiritual beings of consciousness on this planet.  It goes something like this:


Establishing A Grounded Space

Find a comfortable space in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Sit up and elongate through the spine. Breathe. Be aware at the base of your spine. Imagine that at the base of your spine, at the tip of the tailbone, there is a cord dropping deep down to the center of the earth.  Imagine this cord to be a conduit, a connection between you and the earth. We shall call this your Grounding Cord. This cord serves two main purposes.  Like roots of a tree, a Grounding Cord provides security and structure for being present and upright on the earth. Secondly, the cord acts as a conductor of energy. Just like an electrical circuit needs grounding to the earth, people also benefit by being grounded in this manner. Excess energy that is not of your own essence, simply falls down this cord, just as an excess electrical current flows down the grounding circuit or pipe.


Envisioning Your Grounding

As creative, imaginative beings, we can envision this cord to be made of anything. One may see it as a copper pipe. We may imagine ourselves sitting on a tree stump with our Grounding Cord resembling roots of the tree moving deep into the earth. A cord could be seen as a swirling whirlpool of water or a radiant beam of light. Yet again, you might imagine your Grounding Cord to be a string of pearls, a golden twine, a slinky toy, a monkey tail. If you have a hard time imagining, simply take out paper and pen and draw a stick figure human sitting on a chair and a large circle below, representing the earth. Connect the dots by drawing a line between the person and the center of the earth circle, and voila, there’s a Grounding Cord!

With awareness, we validate our Grounding and it becomes so. Awareness may be partnered with visual tools of imagery as just described; but one may also be aware of sensing or feeling a grounding connection. Others may resonate with sound and vibration in connection to their Grounding Cord. Some may just experience a knowing. With awareness and validation, in whatever form with which you most resonate, the grounding connection becomes stronger.


Grounding in the Present

As we go about our day, we can remember this awareness tool for Grounding. One does not need to stop whatever they’re doing, sit down and meditate for an hour to establish Grounding. A simple acknowledgement in the present time is all you need. Of course, a sixty-minute mediation might do wonders, but we may also find little moments within each day to validate our connection with the earth.  If we loose our awareness of Grounding or perhaps feel our Grounding Cord has been overworked, simply let the old cord drop to the earth and then establish a new one.  The same practice can be done when traveling. Upon arriving in a new location, visualize replacing your Grounding Cord with a new one.  Just like a computer update, we replace our Grounding Cord to be current and in sync with the here and now.


Experiments in Grounding

So, one might wonder, “Does Grounding really work?  Can it help reduce stress or relieve fear? Will it help me have clarity of mind? Of course, the best way to answer these questions is to experiment for yourself!  There’s no harm in trying. That’s for certain!

Play around with different Grounding Cord imagery. Which version works best for you? Do you feel secure and calm envisioning roots of trees? Perhaps you resonate with the movement of flowing water as a Grounding Cord. As we allow our Grounding to facilitate the release of excess energy, know that we do not need to be in effort during the process. Like pneumatic tubes found at a drive thru bank or a Costco store, whatever we are releasing gets sucked into the vacuum of our Grounding Cord and it is gone. The energy is released to be recycled by the earth.

To experience the effect of Grounding, try the following experiment with a partner. Have “Person A” stand in balance as “Person B” gently tries to push over “Person A.” Take note of balance and security. Next, have “Person A” imagine and establish their Grounding Cord. Once again, have “Person B” try to gently push over “Person A.”  Do either of you detect differences in strength and balance?  Exchange observations with each other and then switch positions.

In working with others, one should always use ethics and energetic “manners” when it comes to respecting other people’s energetic space and privacy. Always obtain permission before working with someone in energetic consciousness. That being said, establishing a Grounding Cord for another person would be the only exception. By providing an opportunity to ground, we create for another, space to BE. Imagining a Grounding Cord for others is like politely opening the door for someone walking in behind you. You may open the door and provide the opportunity, but the person still has a choice to walk through or not. Perhaps a person has released energetic patterns, as though a shower cleansed away the mirk and grime, but the tub drain is plugged. Providing a Grounding Cord is like opening the plug in the tub. The person has done their work of releasing, but the connection to fully clear needed some assistance.  In this manner, one is not directing the other as to what to release or not, simply, they are providing an opportunity to finish the process they began. We remain in neutrality and allow their process to unfold.


Examples In Grounding

One of my past teachers shared her story.  She would find herself saying, “yes,” to people’s requests of her, even if she didn’t want to do something or didn’t have the time, etc.  After learning about Grounding, she placed sticky notes all over her phone and walls as a reminder to ground.  The next time the phone rang, she grounded herself, and when posed with that inevitable request, she was able to respond in her truth by answering, “No.”

I once used this grounding tool while dreaming in slumber. In my dream/nightmare, a “scary” person was threatening to take up space in my physical form.  As you might imagine, I did not want this to be the case. Somehow in my partially awake/dream state, I became aware enough to consciously repeat in my mind, “Ground, ground, ground myself.”  As I did, this person/being went away and I had sovereignty of my body and space.  Through grounding, I claimed ownership of myself, feeling more present, safe and secure as a result.  I was able to resume peaceful sleep.


Grounding While Traveling

Grounding tools may also be used while traveling, be it in a plane, car, train, or on a bicycle.  The intention is to allow for the release of energy that may interfere with travel safety, timeliness and operation of the vehicle.  One can envision Grounding at the start and end points of a journey, as well as the path between.  Envision the congested energy of traffic jams or road rage dropping down the Grounding Cord. Perhaps your commute will be that much more enjoyable!


Photo Credit: Connor Syring

I frequently engage in grounding meditations while on airplanes.  Before take-off, I’ll imagine grounding the pilots and flight attendants. I envision grounding the instrument panel, the communication devices, the engines, the plane itself.  When strong turbulence is experienced, one can picture the turbulent energy releasing out of the flying path, dropping down the Grounding Cord. I recall on one occasion, our plane began to taxi to prepare for take-off. I commenced my grounding meditation practice.  Just as we were about to lift off, we slowed down and aborted the take-off. It turns out there were problems with the reverse thrusters. I like to think the grounding brought awareness to the problem before it was too late!  Coincidence? We’ll never know.

There is little scientific research on the effects of consciousness. Quantum theory gets the closest.  Research has been implemented in an attempt to measure the effects of meditation on outcomes.  A focused group was able to influence the outcome of a random number generator, apparently making it less random.  Yet, until science finds a way to better measure the effects of conscious awareness, we will just have to trust our own knowing.  We may embrace our grounding meditations, simply as imaginative play, and may never know anything more than that.  Most of us don’t have heightened awareness yet developed, to know the “What Might Have Beens” of an experience. It is very difficult to know what doesn’t manifest into reality, for “What Might Have Been” didn’t manifest into reality for us to experience it! Not many of us can witness and experience a non-experience! Simply know that the effects of maintaining a grounded presence, most likely shifts yourself, others and situations towards greater positivity and healing.


Benefits of Grounding

By practicing Grounding techniques, we create more space to BE. Grounding helps us become more present in time and space. For it is in the present moment that we can create our lives and future. By welcoming in more awareness through Grounding, a greater sense of calm and peace is accessible. Presence of mind has a profound rippling effect on others and the world.  By engaging in a Grounding practice, we can choose to release that which does not serve us well, opening up space for the greater good, not only for ourselves, but for the world at large.


Grounding Affirmation

In Grounded Presence may we welcome joy, peace, validation, forgiveness and love.  Fully and simply, may we BE. With Grounding roots, may we nurture of seeds of our truth and purpose, sharing our unique gifts within the world. With Grounded Presence of Being, may we experience the interwoven, connectedness of the All, that is Love and Life itself.

-Amy Laederach


About the Author

Amy Laederach is an energy-based therapist and health advocate, facilitating health & well-being for the body, mind & soul, at Everspring Health in Minneapolis, MN. In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing, photography, art and West Coast Swing Dance.