What is Energy-Based Therapy?

Energy-Based Therapy, Healing Touch, Vibrational Medicine,  … Many words all describing the same thing… The Art and Science of Energy Mechanics and Healing.

Within various cultures, people have expressed an awareness of energy in relation to the human body, mind & spirit.  Energy and consciousness are recognized as significant components of life whether one looks scientifically or spiritually.  Energy is an integral presence within and around us, affecting and reflecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.  All physical matter is made of energy.  With consciousness and intention, one can expand and alter the relationship between life-force energy and the body, mind & spirit.

An energy-based healing practitioner uses their training and awareness of energy mechanics to tap into a client’s natural relaxation response, thus facilitating the client’s self-healing process.  In working with the client’s energetic body and surrounding energy field, the practitioner aims to balance, clear and energize, thus restoring harmony and vitality. Relaxation, balance and vitality are key components of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Healing Sessions:

A typical energy-based therapy session lasts between 30-60 minutes, depending on the client’s needs.  Health information is obtained by the practitioner to serve as a background for understanding the current needs of the client.  Clients may also share their intentions for healing, whether it be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual in nature.  Each session is unique as practitioner and client share goals to create an energetic space conducive for the healing process.

Clients remain fully clothed and may receive the healing on a healing/massage table or while seated in a chair. During a session,  a healing practitioner uses their hands with non-invasive light touch, or no touch, to promote relaxation. Standardized, specific Healing Touch techniques may be used, in conjunction with techniques guided by the practitioner’s intuitive awareness to facilitate balance, allowing for clearing & release or vitality & replenishment of the human energy system. Intentions within a healing session always aim for the client’s highest good and optimal healing. The healing may be done with or without touch.  The client’s comfort is the first priority of the practitioner.


Energy-Based Therapy may be used to:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Relieve pain & nausea
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Aid in preparation for and follow-up after medical treatments & surgery
  • Aid in the transition of the dying process, and other significant transitions
  • Strengthen one’s grounding
  • Clear, repair and strengthen the energetic body & surrounding field
  • Integrate client’s greater consciousness and spiritual information


Energy healing therapy is complimentary in nature.  It is not a replacement for traditional medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment for illness.  Refer to a licensed medical practitioner for medical care.  The goal of energy healing is to restore balance and harmony in the energy system, thus enabling the client to self-heal.

Session Cost:

One Hour Session…..  $65 (plus tax)



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The power & creativity of consciousness & intent are unlimited!  I look forward to facilitating your healing process with intentions toward your highest good. May you enjoy health and well-being as you continue on your path of discovery, growth and wholeness.

—Amy Laederach