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Gallery of the Past & Incompletions

Today I share and express creations from my past, and in this process, have the opportunity to release my hold on the unfinished, the imperfect.  I carry “perfectionist” traits within my personality.  This has not served me well.  There’s always a feeling that the dance movement isn’t right, the painting isn’t good enough. I should be more spiritually conscious, meditate more, do more yoga. The list is endless if I allowed it to be. This perfectionist trait is a form of competition, not with others, but within myself.  It is a stifling energy. Why should I be so hard on myself? And so, as an exercise in letting go, I am sharing my old art work.  I’m not going to wait until I achieve the standard I hold for myself.  Goodbye to the “perfectionist” within.  As I open the doors to share and express the old and “unfinished,”  I make […]