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Glitter Money & Anxiety

  There was a time in my not so far distant past, when I was feeling anxious about money. Money was something I felt I needed for survival. Curious how that happens. It seemed to me that not enough money was flowing in my direction; or perhaps it flowed too swiftly back into the Sea of Intangible Wealth. As I alluded to in a past blog, Which, What, Who, I’ve spent time searching for my next career path in support of financial stability and personal goals.  It shouldn’t be so hard, right?  I’m aware of the power of thought.   I am aware of the concept of manifesting our reality.  I saw The Secret. Heck, attracting money and abundance… It’s a Law, isn’t it? Okay, to be fair, I have not studied the Law of Attraction or done the exercises in The Secret.  Maybe I missed out, but as the movie/book […]