A Place at Home
As I see it, this is no ordinary umbrella. This umbrella belonged to my dear mother. It stands propped up against the piano, year round, sharing its history daily.

Solid, beautiful, unique.

The frayed rope shows signs of its age, yet it maintains its structure and purpose of protection.
Open and Ready
One may ponder, “Why write about an umbrella in the middle of winter?”

An umbrella has no purpose during a cold and snowy Minnesota winter; yet, metaphorically, it is that which covers all.

As I share with you this retrospective umbrella, I am also introducing you to my vision for Delightful Healing Arts.

Out of Place
It is my intention to bring interests in healing, art and photography all under one umbrella.  As one may offer a companion, protection from the elements, by sharing an umbrella, I too, hope to bring together companions on life’s sacred journey; beauty, light, nature, healing, discovery, creativity, uncertainty, wonderment, vulnerability, joy, love, validation…   May these experiences find a sanctuary for expression and healing under the umbrella of Delightful Healing Arts.

I welcome you with joy, to share in life’s journey, under the umbrella of Delightful Healing Arts!
Colorful Umbrella



Writing & Photography by Amy Laederach.


About the Author

Amy Laederach is an energy-based therapist and health advocate, facilitating health & well-being for the body, mind & soul, at Everspring Health in Minneapolis, MN. In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing, photography, art and West Coast Swing Dance.