You Are Your Sunshine, Your Golden Sunshine

Spring Growth


It is springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. In Minnesota, we have seen proof! The grass is green. Tulips have sprouted. Leaves grace the tips of branches. It is a time of new growth and beginnings. Spring is also the time in which the sun draws nearer, bringing with it longer days of warmth and light. As we welcome the spring sun that heats the earth and warms our faces, I’d like to share with you how Golden Sunshine can become a part of your daily life, even during tumultuous spring thunderstorms or in the darkest hours and seasons on life’s journey.

Life experiences may be challenging. At times, it can be difficult to see the silver lining around clouds of pain, illness, despair or uncertainty. Within our Mindfulness/Spiritual Tool Kit,* we find tools for GroundingClearing Space and Finding Neutrality. These are important first steps in healing. Even if we experience situations beyond our control, we can at least manage our relationship to these challenges. Are we in resistance? For there is a saying, “What we resist, sticks.” Can we find our own neutrality and perhaps welcome in the healing vibration of amusement? Have we given our power over to thoughts/ideas/pictures that do not serve us well, thus losing our seniority as spiritual, creative beings?

By asking questions, we grow more conscious of ourselves and the answers that lie within. As we engage in a mindful practice, using tools from our Mindfulness/Spiritual Tool Kit, we do indeed feel a shift. Our energetic space becomes more open, clear and peaceful. We may find relief from physical pain. Perhaps we have more clarity of mind. Yet, there is another significant component to add to a foundational meditation practice, that being, the Golden Sun. 

Gold Star


A Mindfulness/Spiritual Tool Kit would not be complete without the Golden Sun visualization. The intention behind the Golden Sun tool is to help replenish personal life force essence, one’s own divine nature, supporting and maintaining optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. During a meditation practice, one may clear and release energy, pain and emotions. In order to not create a vacuum, drawing undesired energy right back in, it is important to replenish our energetic space with life forces that support health and balance. While using the creative imagery of the Golden Sun, we exercise our intentions in conscious awareness to draw upon a personal source of life essence. We imagine filling in our space with vitality and wholeness. We may set intentions to bring into our physical, mental and spiritual space, qualities we’d like to manifest in life, such as joy, peace, love, and amusement.

Whether engaging in my own meditation practice, or facilitating a healing session for a client, I will typically close each practice with the creative visualization of the Golden Sun, setting intentions that support health, balance, peace and renewal, whatever may be needed for one’s highest good. It goes something like this:

Golden Sun Golden Sun Meditation

Imagine at the top of your head, a beautiful Golden Sun. This Golden Sun is specifically for you. It is your own divine essence at the ready. This Golden Sun carries qualities of renewal, revitalization and balance. It is your personal life force essence of love, light and wholeness. As you imagine this Golden Sun hovering above your crown chakra at the top of your head, intend to pour into it, any qualities you’d like to bring into your space. This may be qualities for optimal health and well being for the physical body. Perhaps you’ve been working to cleanse the body of chemicals and toxins. You may draw into your Golden Sun, the qualities of purity and balance. Maybe you’ve been feeling tired and depleted. You might call in the qualities of nourishment and support. Perhaps you cleared away anxiety and stress, so you’d like to welcome in peace.

Our emotional space may be supported by the Golden Sun intention as well. One may pour into a Golden Sun, compassion and unconditional love. To support our mental body, we may welcome in clarity of purpose. Perhaps the focus is on spiritual matters, welcoming into the sun the essence of wisdom and truth.

Upon inviting your Golden Sun to be present, filled in with the welcomed qualities to support your personal intentions, next, envision this Golden Sun dropping down into the top of your head. See the sun filling in every inch of your body, down to the tips of your fingers and toes. Intend to let the Golden Sun, infused with your intended qualities of healing and balance, fill in every cell of your body. You may envision the Golden Sun expanding within your digestive track, your respiratory system. See the Golden Sun reaching throughout your nervous system, the brain, the cardiovascular system, bathing the heart in this Golden Light. Know that as you fill in with this Golden Sunlight, it reaches into the muscular and skeletal structures of the body. You may envision multiple suns streaming in through the top of your head, diffusing into the endocrine, lymphatic, urinary and reproductive systems. See this Golden Sun expanding into your integumentary system, into your skin, nails and hair. Welcome in renewal and vitality into your physical health systems.

Validate the essence of support and Unconditional Love that surrounds you.  Allow yourself to absorb the qualities you are calling into your space. Know that as you continue to bring in more and more Golden Suns, you become so full of the Golden Light, that it expands beyond your physical body. The Golden Sun encompasses you with a shimmering golden bubble of life force essence.

You are now immersed in this Golden Light, your personal Golden Sun. Acknowledge the qualities you have welcomed in through conscious intent. Be certain it is so. Be Grateful. Be Whole. Be Love. Be at Peace.

And So It Is.

-Amy Laederach

Golden Angel


*Many thanks and acknowledgement to my mentor, Michael Tamura, for sharing his knowledge of the “Spiritual Tool Kit.” Thank you to all the teachers and schools sharing foundational teachings originating from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. You provide valuable tools, assisting people of all backgrounds, beliefs and life stories. May we be guided as we navigate our paths of discovery and remembrance, becoming All that we Truly Are To Be.


About the Author

Amy Laederach is an energy-based therapist and health advocate, facilitating health & well-being for the body, mind & soul, at Everspring Health in Minneapolis, MN. In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing, photography, art and West Coast Swing Dance.